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the grant's blended whisky rangeThe Grant's range of blended whiskies are amongst the best selling in the world. The main markets are the UK (where the brand stands in 4th place behind Bell's, Famous Grouse and High Commissioner), France (who are the world leaders in whisky consumption with a staggering 48 million litres each year) and South America (especially Ecuador and Venezuela). Sales in other growing markets such as eastern Europe, Taiwan and the travel retail/Duty Free sector are increasing rapidly. Overall, the range sells 20 million bottles of whisky a year!

We have reviewed the whole range side by side and this includes the Family Reserve, Ale Cask Reserve, Sherry Cask Reserve, export only 12 and 18 year olds and the soon-to-be released 25 years old. To read this full review on Whisky For Everyone - click here.